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Getting the balance right: gender equality in journalism

"This handbook is a timely, illustrated and easy-to-read guide and resource material for journalists. It evolved primarily out of a desire to equip all journalists with more information and understanding of gender issues in their work. It is addressed to media organisations, professional associations and journalists’ unions seeking to contribute to the goal of gender equality.

Reporting Development. A Guide for African Journalists

“This handbook provides a distinctly African perspective on how to create direct linkages between consumers of information and development projects by using words and images that communicate and resonate with ease. Development issues can seem dull and flat but they can create a huge impact in society if turned into lively and robust stories expertly and skillfully told by creative journalists.

Attacks on the Press 2015 Edition

The Committee to Protect Journalists has published its 2015 Edition of Attacks on the Press, a report assessing the state of press freedom in the world.

How the media can get agri-tech on the radar

In this audio segment produced by SciDev.Net, three panellists who participated in the recent World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul, South Korea, share their views on the benefit of better journalistic coverage of agriculture related topics for farmers.

Comment les médias peuvent placer les technologies agricoles sur le radar

Dans ce segment audio produit par SciDev.Net, trois panélistes qui ont participé à la récente Conférence mondiale des journalistes scientifiques à Séoul, en Corée du Sud, partagent leurs points de vue sur les avantages d'une meilleure couverture journalistique de sujets liés à l’agriculture pour les agriculteurs. (En anglais seulement)


How to consider gender in science reporting

Recently, SciDev.Net published a practical guide to facilitate gender-sensitive reporting. The guide gives tools and tips to tailor gender-balanced reports and stories.
It’s available online.

Photo : ©SciDev.Net

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