Amplifying Voices: Farm Radio International's 2014-2015 Annual Report

Advancing participatory communication

Enabling community dialogue

Promoting gender equality

Raising farmer’s voice

"We support farm radio broadcasters to provide radio services that share knowledge and amplify the voice of small-scale farmers.

This year, we worked with more than 600 radio partners in 38 countries to serve small-scale and family farmers. Radio can provide listeners with access to practical, relevant and timely information to help them improve their food security, health and income. Radio can also amplify the voices of small-scale farmers, sharing their stories, experiences and opinions with other farmers and even policy makers.
Interactive and participatory radio is more engaging, informative and impactful. It allows listeners to shape the radio program to their needs, ensuring it discusses topics important to them, answers their questions and values their livelihoods. This annual report highlights our work amplifying the voices of small-scale farmers over the airwaves."

Source: Farm Radio International

Read Farm Radio International's 2014-2015 Annual Report online.