Conservation agriculture as one way of caring for soil

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In Malawi, farmers from Mphonde Extension Planning Area (EPA), in the area of Traditional Authority Mphonde, Nkhotakota District, are using Conservation agriculture as one way of caring, protecting and bringing back fertility into the soil. They say it’s  a good thing that this method can bring fertility to the soil and that it can bring change to their lives since they depend on agribusiness.

Some of the farmers explain that, when they cover the soil with maize stalks and glasses, the soil holds water and keep moisture, a development that reduces the effects of climate change. After a while, maize stalks and glasses decompose and bring fertility to the soil. Since the farmers don’t make ridges, they reduce disturbances caused to the soil, which also destroys soil particles.

The expert interviewed explained that the soil has been used for quite long time and it has now become infertile. He encourages farmers to continue practicing Conservation agriculture every year. He says that in the five years to come, the fields should have transformed in terms of fertility. So there is a need for farmers to take good care of the soil.

A report from John Mpakani of Nkhotakota Community Radio 

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