Radio Boda-boda: an innovative project to serve farmers

Advancing participatory communication

Enabling community dialogue

Promoting gender equality

Raising farmer’s voice

In an article published on Farm Radio International’s blog, Canadian journalist Adam Bemma describes how technology and innovation have teamed up to better serve rural farmers located west of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Unable to receive radio signal and missing out on important agricultural information, the farmers can now count on information delivery on SD cards thanks to Farm Radio International (FRI) and its local broadcasting partner Sauti ya Injili who hires boda-bodas to travel out to remote villages. 

The villagers get to listen to recorded programs on solar-powered radio provided by FRI and can also record messages who are, in turn, broadcaster on Kilimo ni utafiti (Farming is Research) an agriculture-themed programme available on Sauti ya Injili.

For the village chairperson, Mrs Tumaini Masahi, this collaboration has “helped us understand the importance of sharing agricultural information with other farmers from nearby villages.”  

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Photo: © Farm Radio International