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From March 22 to 28, civil society organizations from around the world will converge on the university campus Al-Manar in Tunis for the World Forum of Free Media and the World Social Forum.

This international meeting is an opportunity for organizations, activists and members of civil society to meet and discuss political, economic, cultural and social issues, network, share knowledge and exchange best practices.

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) will take part in several activities and workshops at this meeting. In particular, on March 23, a workshop on regulation in the Maghreb and Mashreq region which will focus on media pluralism, diversity in journalistic production, creation of new spaces for discussion and local development.

In addition, journalists from the community radio networks will carry out on-site reports. These reports will be available to radio stations worldwide to highlight the different issues affecting civil society represented at the WFFM and the WSF.

We invite you to consult the complete list of activities below:

March 23 : Regulation in the Maghreb and Mashrek region

March 24-25 : Workshop to improve capacity and abilities of community radio journalists for better quality radio productions

March 25 : Civil Society and Media Development

Measuring the impact and Ensuring the sustainability of Community Radio Practices

Convergence Assembly on Communication Rights

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