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YenKasa Africa is a regional platform designed to promote knowledge sharing and joint initiatives in communication applied to agriculture and rural development. 

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  • In 1991, the United Nation Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) held a conference in the Namibian capital, Windhoek. The aim of the conference was to promote the independence and pluralism of African Press and to allieviate the pressure and violence endure by the African media workers. At the end of the conference, on May 3, the Windhoek Declaration was adopted. It called for a free, independent, pluralistic media worldwide.

  • One of the strongest El Niño events ever recorded has turned normal weather patterns in Ethiopia upside down. Farmers are not only faced with the worst drought in decades, but also the risk of sudden, heavy rains that can wipe out what little they have left.

    Donate now on Farm Radio International to reach more drought-affected farmers with radio programs that deliver life-saving information about water harvesting techniques, alternative feed sources for livestock, health and sanitation, and much, much more.

  • Broadcast on Mayardit FM, a community radio located in South Sudan’s Warrap State supported by Internews, Abyei Today is a popular and trusted source of information for the population of this disputed region.

    Until now, the radio program was pre-recorded and limited to 25 minutes but since February, the team are broadcasting live on Saturdays. These live broadcasts allow a close engagement with the listeners, which is much appreciated.  

  • Results achieved through the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF) projects are beginning to add momentum to the vision of Africa- Africa cooperation to achieve food security across the continent.

    The fund, which was set up in 2012, is widely seen as an innovative mechanism to mobilize resources from one African country for the benefit of another, promoting intra-Africa collaboration, also known as South-South Cooperation.

  • In Tanzania, Orkonerei Community Radio Station serves the Maasai pastoralist community, in the Simanjiro district of the Mayara region.

    Started in 1995, the station went on air in 2002 after a long struggle to get its license.

    News contents are broadcast in Maasai language and the Maasai elders participate in radio programmes on a regular basis. This keeps the Maasai people informed about current events, from what is going on in the community to what is happening in foreign countries.