YenKasa Africa is a regional platform designed to promote knowledge sharing and joint initiatives in communication applied to agriculture and rural development. 

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  • One of the goals of the 2016 International Year of Pulses is to increase consumption of these nutritious seeds. What better way to do this than to provide ideas and inspiration for new dishes made with pulses.

  • On April 19, South Africa's Communications Minister, Faith Muthambi, announced that more than 140 community radio stations have been licensed in the country. Many of them are already in operation.

    While presenting the five-year strategic plan for the Ministry of Communications, Mrs Muthambi also announced that support will be provided to the community radio stations and to municipalities that are not yet serviced by them.

    Furthermore, studies will be made by the Ministry to understand the impact of the service.

  • One of the major areas of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP / WAAPP) is to facilitate the dissemination and adoption of technologies by farmers. In this context, CORAF/WECARD has set up with the support of the World Bank, a Marketplace of Agricultural Technologies and Innovations (MITA).

  • In 1991, the United Nation Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) held a conference in the Namibian capital, Windhoek. The aim of the conference was to promote the independence and pluralism of African Press and to allieviate the pressure and violence endure by the African media workers. At the end of the conference, on May 3, the Windhoek Declaration was adopted. It called for a free, independent, pluralistic media worldwide.

  • One of the strongest El Niño events ever recorded has turned normal weather patterns in Ethiopia upside down. Farmers are not only faced with the worst drought in decades, but also the risk of sudden, heavy rains that can wipe out what little they have left.

    Donate now on Farm Radio International to reach more drought-affected farmers with radio programs that deliver life-saving information about water harvesting techniques, alternative feed sources for livestock, health and sanitation, and much, much more.